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My one of a kind spirit boards are made of mirrors that have been etched on the back side to allow light through.  I offer LED back lit spirit boards that includes a 12v power supply.

Talking spirit boards, most commonly known as Ouija boards, have been around since the 1890’s however the use of the planchette has been around since the 1100’s AD. My talking spirit boards are made of mirrors that have been etched on the back side. I even offer LED back lit spirit boards that are 9v battery powered or use the included power supply. Each board comes with a one-of-a-kind clear acrylic planchette.

My pendulum boards are perfect for contacting your spirit guide. They come in different sizes and since they are etched mirror they allow light to shine through. I offer a 4 LED candle base you can place your board on to give you a cool flickering light effect. Used with the hollow pendant pendulum filled with glow in the dark power, you can use this set completely in the dark. Check our Odds N Ends for additional pendulums.

My back lit mirror art is quirky, yet beautiful. Inspired from neon lights of yesteryear, these 12” by 12” etched mirrors look amazing in real life. Its hard to capture the popping colors and details in a photograph. LEDs line the interior of the ash wood frame to give an ambiance that would look great above any bar or on the wall of your billiards room.

The Odds N Ends page is where you will find everything from pendulums, candle holders to plachettes. Check back often as this where my off the wall items will be showcased.

Website is under construction. New prices and new Products coming soon. Please contact me at  Mike@hauntedglass.com for orders  Or questions.